XS specification
1150KV or 1500KV 10 pole 2y windings 
wight: 175g approx depending on configuartion
Removable prop adapter x 2 . 

7075 aluminium bell / base plate. 

Open cage Ezo bearings. 

Oil filled sump 

Internal manual oil pump system 

Black coated stator compatible with Cryo spray . 

Bonding agents ( glue)  used have a working temp range between -65 and +235°c making the motor compatible with Cryo spray . 

6-12s (with caution - prop choice is cruicial) 

220°C high temp single winding copper . 

Sh52 180°c high temp curved  magnets .

. 15mm stator laminates 

. 15mm air gap 

Custom synthetic nylon winding fence wound into stator.

ACPC designed bell 

Integrated oil seal on top shaft .

3 way  accessible wet sump , under the top shaft , oil sump plug in base and through removal of the base plate.

KO Method - XS 3220 Motor